1920′s Dress – Flapper Fancy Dress

When we think of a woman of the ‘Roaring Twenties’ it is likely that we are picturing a 1920′s flapper. Flappers emerged on the scene about 1926 and the fashion embraced all the modern styles of the day.

A flapper normally had short hair, a shorter than average dress that exposed her limbs, was heavily made up and smoked with a long cigarette holder. She was the epitome of a young girl who danced the nights away during the Jazz Age. No wonder flapper fancy dress is so popular!

Adult Sexy Flapper Costume

Adult Sexy Flapper Costume

Budget Choice – Adult Sexy Flapper Costume

Our budget choice for a 1920′s flapper dress is this Adult Flapper Costume in red, which includes a short red dress with faux jewel detail around the hem and the midriff. A matching red feather headpiece is also included with the costume.

Sizes for the Adult Flapper Costume are:

Small: Dress Size 8 – 10
Medium: Dress Size 10 – 12
Large: Dress Size 12 – 14

To make this 1920s flapper dress costume that little bit more authentic we recommend purchasing a Cigarette Holder, a Feather Boa and the Small Bargain Flapper Purse, which is a 1920s style flapper purse with black sequin detail.

This is the perfect outfit for the younger lady looking for a flapper fancy dress costume at a reasonable price.

Click here to purchase the Adult Flapper Costume in Red

Adult Puttin on the Ritz Flapper Costume

Adult Puttin' on the Ritz Flapper Costume

Mid-Range Choice – Adult Puttin’ on the Ritz Flapper Costume

Our choice for a mid-range flapper fancy dress costume and perfect for the fuller figure is this Puttin’ on the Ritz outfit. This one is a twenties style velour and crepe satin dress in teal, which includes a sequin trim and applique.

Also included with this 1920′s dress is a matching cloche, with sequin brim and flower accent, as well as a coordinating teal crepe satin shawl.

Sizes for this costume are:

Extra Large: Dress Size 18 – 20
Extra Extra Large: Dress Size 22 – 24
Extra Extra Extra Large: Dress Size 26 – 28

This is definitely one of our favourite 1920′s fancy dress costumes, which alternatively comes in a lovely fresh coral colour.

Click here to purchase the Adult Puttin’ on the Ritz Flapper Costume

And if you are feeling particularly cheeky, then why not buy a 1920s style blonde wig to set your outfit off nicely.

Click here to purchase the Flirty Flapper Wig BLONDE

Adult Elite Quality Charleston Cutie Costume

Adult Elite Quality Charleston Cutie Costume

Luxury: Adult Elite Quality Charleston Cutie Costume

If you want to be the pinnacle of any fancy dress party and are not having to watch the pennies, then this brand new and exclusive elite quality 1920′s flapper fancy dress uses fine fabrics and trim to create a beautifully detailed and professional outfit that will make you look a million dollars.

The Adult Elite Quality Charleston Cutie Costume comes straight from San Diego, USA and includes a black satin dress detail with fringe, faux rhinestone buckles and a lace overlay. This flapper fancy dress costume also comes with a pair of black fishnet stockings, a long pearl necklace and a sequined and jewelled feather headpiece.

The authentic looking 1920s fancy dress costume comes packaged in a full length zipped garment bag, with a colour photo insert.

There is no doubt that this is the ultimate 1920′s fancy dress costume, it just looks so real. Wear this outfit to the party and you will be dancing the Charleston, as if you were back in twenties Chicago, at an illegal speak easy!

Click here to purchase the Adult Elite Quality Charleston Cutie Costume

Adult Roaring 1920s Blazer

Adult Roaring 1920s Blazer

Men’s Outfit – Adult Roaring 1920s Blazer

Of course, the 1920′s flapper girl may have a date to take to the party, so here is our recommendation for a 1920s fancy dress outfit for her man.

This 1920′s style red and white striped blazer makes a great accompaniment to any flapper fancy dress costume.

Sizes for this costume are:

Small: Jacket/Chest 34″ to 36″
Medium: Jacket/Chest 38″ to 40″
Large: Jacket/Chest 42″ to 44″
Extra Large: Jacket/Chest 46″

You can also purchase an Adult straw boater, with a black band detail, to make it that little bit more authentic. And for the final touch, why not get a fake plastic smoking pipe.

Click here to purchase the Adult Roaring 1920s Blazer

If the above 1920′s dress outfits are not quite what you are looking for, then be sure to check out our Flapper Fancy Dress Costumes section for a wider range of flapper fancy dress.

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